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OCEES International, Inc.

Business Description

OCEES International, Inc. is a 21-year old private renewable power generation company incorporated in ​2001.

We have developed renewable energy systems based upon the principle of Ocean Thermal Energy ​Conversion (OTEC), a technically feasible way to generate base load electricity and desalinated water by ​converting power from the natural temperature gradient of the ocean. OCEES engineers have also ​developed proprietary technology to produce large scale production of green hydrogen from OTEC ​plants through electrolysis.

Our Engineers worked on a research and development OTEC system at the Natural Energy of Hawaii Authority (NELHA), that proved OTEC can produce green energy and desalinated sea water without the use of fossil fuels. The technology delivers base-load (24/7) renewable energy and is financially viable at scale.

We have developed technologies known as Seawater Air Conditioning/Lake Source Cooling (SWAC/LSC). The technology offers green air conditioning without the use of chemical agents and is well proven and used in various locations around the world.

Acting alone, SWAC/LSC can reduce electricity usage by up to 90% when compared to traditional air conditioning systems. When developed in conjunction with OTEC plants, it operates entirely without the use of fossil fuels.

SWAC/LSC plants use less fresh water and reduce environmental impact when compared to traditional air conditioning methods. SWAC/LSC systems are particularly suited to large commercial operations such as resorts, hospitals, airports, shopping centers, even entire cities.

Worlds first net producing OTEC power system at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA)

Photo Credit: Makai's Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.jpg by Vitafougue is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

OCEES Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) credentials with the US Government allow us to apply for agency incentives, grants, financing and contracting opportunities. Global commercialization of OTEC will be achievable following a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to purchase energy and water from an OTEC system of about 15MW in size (or greater), designed, built, owned and operated by OCEES.

The Company’s seawater and lake water air conditioning (SDC/LDC or SWAC/LWAC) is designed for large commercial buildings, hotels, airports, crypto-mining operations, data centers and industry. Multiple examples of the technology are in use today around the world.

Company engineers have also developed proprietary technology to produce large scale production of green hydrogen through electrolysis generated by OTEC facilities. Aquaculture is another technology in which the company has recognized expertise and reputation.

Typical Sea Water Air Conditioning System

According to Straits Research, the global green hydrogen market size was worth USD 1 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 72 billion by 2030, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 55%.

OCEES continues to take advantage of its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) credentials with the U.S. Government to apply for agency incentives, grants, financing and contracting opportunities.

Proposed Markets

OCEES primary market focus is to design, build, own and operate ​land or ocean based OTEC and SWAC/LSC systems for U.S. and ​International Governments and Private Organizations.

As a recipient of U.S. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) ​credentials, OCEES has unrivaled expertise in understanding the ​markets for its technologies.

Markets size is estimated at $10 billion and include smaller island and ​coastal based municipalities in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Africa, ​the Caribbean, and Central and South America, all of whom have an ​urgent need for clean lower cost sources of electricity and ​desalinated water.

Blue Water Background


More than twenty years experience with OTEC systems has provided OCEES with unrivaled know how ​and understanding of the technologies needed for optimum designs and most advantageous ​economics of multiproduct systems. This knowledge allows OCEES to offer new and innovative ​technologies.

Teaming with world class Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies and project ​financing partners, OCEES designs commercially ready, cost effective, scalable power producing OTEC ​systems with no emissions and fixed energy pricing that offers the customer outstanding long term ​energy cost savings. OTEC renewable energy power plants will support specific customer needs ​according to size and production output levels for power, fresh desalinated water, green hydrogen and ​aquaculture projects such as fish farms and biofuels.

Competitive Advantages

Unlike its competition, OCEES has completed OTEC designs for the U.S. Government and whose ​engineers have hands on experience of helping to develop and build the only successful continuously ​operating OTEC power and water production system. OCEES has developed proprietary technology ​that allows it to build and deploy efficient OTEC systems that are much less costly to construct and ​operate.

Team Members

Jeremy P. Feakins

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Gerald S. Koenig

General Counsel and HEAD ​of government affai​rs

Frank E. DiCola, PE

Senior engineering ​consultant and

owners engineer

Edward M. Baer

Chief financial OFFICER ​

C.B. Panchal, PhD

Senior OTEC Scientist and e​ngineering consultant

Lu​is Vega, PhD


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